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Revealing results from medical-grade skincare clinical testing

Medical Grade Skincare: Real Study and Real Results

Medical Grade Skincare is one of the most promising growing niches of the skincare industry. And Anti-Aging is the locomotive leading the trend. Mainly because it’s delivering real results, no matter what the age.

Promoting complete skin cell turnover, removing wrinkles and fine lines, and last but not least, in a few weeks.

Here are the reasons why you may like to consider Medical-Grade Skincare:

Medical Grade Skincare has to comply with:

  • Having a licensed board-certified dermatologist, responsible for the formulation.
  • Clinical testing, with humans, proving that the active ingredients in the formulation, delivers the claiming benefits. Under the eyes of the FDA.
  • High purity-levels of the active ingredients, matching the skin without causing any harm or damage, proving the benefits and bio-compatibility.

We at UFLawless, take it very seriously and decided to put it to the next level.

A serious commitment to using cutting-edge actives and botanical ingredients with the highest purity-levels & concentration. Reaching a balance between safety and effectiveness.

With that said, here are the results of the Clinical Testing we ran, to show the Next Generation in Medical Grade Skincare.

Pure ingredients deliver quick and visible results

The objective of the Medical Grade Skincare Formulation Study

It was set up to observe subjects who followed a 3-step routine of Medical Grade Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Dye-Free skincare. Combining high levels of cutting-edge actives and botanical ingredients.

Subjects were assessed at baseline and every two weeks for a twelve-week period. Both digital photography and clinical evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist.

The objective was also to determine the effectiveness of the 3-step routine on improving four main skin concerns:

  • Lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement in Redness
  • Evening Skin Tone
  • Improvement of Skin Texture

After four weeks, of twice-daily use, clinical evaluation results showing that the anti-aging routine delivered visible improvement in all four clinical skin concerns, compared to the baseline.

Even more significant improvement was seen in the 12th week.

Medical Grade Skincare Routine Profile

The omission of problematic ingredients – Each of the products in the test routine were:

  • Sulfate-Free – This claim refers to the exclusion of the foaming agent Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Associated with worsening of redness. Pore appearance, and breakouts.
  • Paraben-Free – These preservatives, widely used in topical preparations, have been associated with positive breast cancer biopsies as well as allergic contact dermatitis.
  • Dye-Free – Food coloring and naturally derived dyes used in skincare formulations have been noted to cause contact dermatitis. More often than causing a rash. These dyes can enhance facial redness that is often incorrectly attributed to other conditions like rosacea and photoaging.

The inclusion of Cutting-Edge Actives, Botanical Ingredients, and Marine Extracts

For centuries, essential oils and plant extracts have formed the basis of a myriad of medicinal remedies proven effective in various cultures.

Newer botanical and marine actives that are the result of top-notch extraction processes now claim remarkable rejuvenation, hydration, and skin-calming benefits.

Chamomile, ginger, and citrus essential oils. Sunflower seed oil and certified organic lilac stem-cells.

Also, two unique, cutting-edge marine extracts from the purest coastal waters of France act as gene modulators.

One to upregulated genes responsible for skin firming components. That includes collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.

To down-regulate the gene responsible for the synthesis of the skin aging protein. Progerin.

Medical Grade Actives in the Skincare Formulation

The term Medical Grade in skincare has come to the forefront as skincare consumers turn to their physicians and skincare professionals for products they expect to be more effective than standard cosmetic company products.

The distinguishing features of the medical-grade products are generally high concentrations of unique, science-based actives.

The present routine incorporates an active current of Lipochroman (the strongest and only antioxidant that protects from both nitrogen and oxygen-free radical formation).

Chromabright (a UVA/UVB) photoprotective tyrosinase inhibitor that is unique in having a broad spectrum UV protective profile compared to the more popularly used fade ingredients:

UV Synthesizers – 3% tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – a vitamin-C analog, that is photoprotective against UVA and UVB.

Due to its solubility in lipids, it has superior percutaneous absorption than L-Ascorbic acid. It is less irritating and a better collagen booster.

The Uflawless Ultimate 3-Step Skincare Routine Study

The UFlawless 3-Step Anti-Aging Regimen included:

Creating one of the Top 3-Step Anti-Aging Routines available in the market today – X3 Medical-Grade Anti-Aging Routine

Medical Grade Skincare Study Details

It was an open-label study, completed in 12 weeks by 49 Women and 15 men. From 37 to 75 years old. They all commit to using the 3-step regimen twice a day for 12 weeks.

Subjects stopped all other skin products – but still advised to continue using their usual sunscreen when outdoors – and no other treatments for at least one month before the study.

All of them were assessed both photographically as well by a physical exam by a board-certified dermatologist at baseline and biweekly for twelve weeks, during which they applied the three products twice daily.

Results from Medical Grade Skincare Study

  • 100% of Testers reported that the products were well tolerated for 12-weeks. As expected for the bio-compatibility of the actives and botanical ingredients to the skin.
  • All the 64 testers had visible fine lines and/or wrinkles at baseline.
  • By four weeks, 56 of them (87%) showed noticeable improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Of note, the only eight left, which didn’t show visible improvement in these criteria, were at the age of 70 and 75, had very severe photodamage and deep wrinkling at baseline. However, they showed signs of improvement at the end of the test – on the 12th week.

Conclusions of the Medical Grade Skincare Study

The study showed clear and enthusiastic evidence that these three products used twice daily as a skincare regimen, can produce significant visible improvement.

The double-action antioxidant, X3 Firming Peptide Cream – showed on T-Bar Assay to have the highest activity against oxygen free-radicals and also an active against nitrogen free-radicals.

Since nitrogen makes up approximately 90% of the atmosphere and since Lipochroman has the most potent activity against oxygen free-radicals, the visible improvement in skin signs of photo and environmental aging is arguably entirely predictable even at four weeks.

Also, the tyrosinase inhibitors (Lilac Stem-cells, Tetrahexyl Ascorbate, and Chromabright) in the 3-step regimen are all photoprotective.

That also may well account for the lessening of redness and evening of tone noted as early as four weeks.

The two marine extracts (Brown Algae and Undaria Algae Extract) – Powerful DNA Modulators seem to account for the overall rejuvenation noted by 100% of the 64 testers by week 4. Due to lessening in skin Progerin – The Aging Protein.

Also important to emphasize the significant lessening in lines and even some nasolabial fold depth. Due to gene activation of the genes responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin).

We couldn’t be more satisfied that the 64-Test-Group included eight subjects between 70 and 75 years old.

Showing that today’s anti-aging consumers have shifted to include women and men in their seventies.

We encourage customers and newcomers, who are past the typical upper age of 55 and 60 to get a more accurate sense of results, trying the 2-week boost – X3 Medical-Grade Anti-Aging Routine.

So they can have a better perspective of what this combination of active ingredients can deliver to the skin in just 2weeks.

That’s why we are happy and grateful to be acknowledged as the skincare that makes UFlawless!

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