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The power of Marine Algae Extracts on your skin

The Power of Marine Algae Extracts For The Skin

It’s not a surprise that Marine Algae Extracts are acknowledged to be a complete powerhouse of benefits for the skin.

When we dive into scientific studies – we face an extensive list of components in more than 25,000 types of algae in nature.

Marine Algae Extract has literally everything skin and hair need to stay healthy and good looking.

Marine Peptides – Are building blocks of a combination of amino acids, that helps to build up the skin structure. Minerals, vitamins, and other biochemical components have the same similar cellular structure as collagen and elastin.

When these elements reach the deepest layers of the skin, where collagen and elastin are naturally produced, magic can happen.

A complete boost on collagen production and elastin, turning any skin from rough, dull, and saggy to plump.

Fair to mention that for this magic to happen, purity levels are essential. So the actives are able to reach these deepest layers of the skin.

Marine Algae Extract – A Powerhouse of Benefits to the skin

Different Marine Algae Extracts For Skin and their benefits

No wonder that they are outstanding for the skin.

The beauty industry took advantage of it and found a way to develop supplement pills to take and also for topical use, on creams and serums.

The most common Marine Extracts that best deliver results to our skin are Brown Algae, Red Algae, and Undaria Algae. The Japanese were the pioneers in using marine algae extracts to the skin and hair as well.

  • Brown Algae Marine Extracts – It’s the most common extract for serums and creams for its capability to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized for more time naturally. The peptide concentration levels on brown algae extracts promote a fast skin cell renewal. The fatty acids fight inflammation.

More recent studies show that Brown Marine Algae Extracts – promotes anticancer effects, so either ingesting or using on skin topically will bring us benefits.

If you are reading this and getting bored with the scientific terms, hang tough.

Trying to make as simple as possible so you can understand what is more essential for you to know.

One of the bio-component found on Brown Marine extracts, Alginic Acid, is good for combating cellulite

Bio components found on Brown Marine extracts, like Alginic Acid, are good for combating cellulite. While Ursolic Acid works as a shield for the skin.

It’s also important to mention that we can find relevant levels of vitamin-C, A, and E. Acting as antioxidants and each one of these vitamins protects each other from oxidative stress.

Getting Vitamin-C either ingesting and putting on the skin, promotes a double boost of collagen.

Vitamin-C is one of the best collagen synthesizers our body can benefit from.

  • Red Marine Algae Extract – Derived from Red Algae, develops this particular color (red) because it can process sunlight differently from other algae. This different way of absorbing sunlight gives skincare products containing Red Algae Marine Extract, the power to protect from the damage effects of UVA and UVB.

UVA standing for Aging and UVB standing for Burning.

Sunlight effect on skin, as we know, is the number one factor for aging.

So having this allied with us is a real peace of mind. Meaning protection, plumpness, and elasticity.

Thanks to some complex composition that increases the production of white blood cells, protecting the body from bacteria and virus attacks.

Due to its anti-inflammation properties, its used by some skincare companies that master the formulation to use it in Acne Treatment creams and serums.

When applied on skin, through serums and creams, it creates the same protection characteristic, from some types of viral skin rashes.

Red Algae is a more difficult type of algae to find, as it happens only in freshwater and in some regions of the sea, like Japan, Hawaii, and Korea.

  • Undaria Marine Extract – This is one of the most recent discoveries not only for skincare but for the whole medical industry. Because it is one of the best sources for a component called Fucoidan.

The main reason the Undaria Marine Extract became so popular recently, it’s because it delivers a right amount of benefits, like

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-coagulant (prevents blood clotting)
  • Anti-thrombotic (reduce the formation of clots)
  • Anti-angiogenic (minimizes the growth of new blood vessels)
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-tumor
  • Anti-oxidant

Applied on the skin, studies revealed that Undaria Marine Extract is very well tolerated and absorbed by the skin for the anti-aging properties.

Visible reduction of wrinkles, protection from UV Rays and soothing the skin. Also the presence of antioxidant components in the Undaria Marine Extract, it’s also used on brightening skincare products.

With all the functionality of Undaria Extract, we decide to invest time and money in our Medical Grade Formulation, combining this powerful extract with Vitamin-C and Lilac Stem-Cells. This combination created a mighty Serum. The X3 Revitalizing Stem-Cells Serum.

The results were awe-inspiring. Elasticity, which is an essential attribute of the skin, resulted in a 67% improvement perception when compared to other Plant Stem-Cell Serums.

This is credited by the perfect integration between the three main actives in the Medical Grade Formulation.

  • The Undaria Marine Extract has the power to reactivate youthful cells that may be “lazy.” Scientists took a careful look at the skin cell structure in 20-year-old patients and found out that we all have “lazy” skin cells from our twenties that were neglected by the body because didn’t receive any stimuli.

These “lazy cells” are located in the deep layers of the skin.

And Medical Grade skincare products proved to have the level of purity needed to reach the deep levels to activate the “Lazy Cells”.

  • Vitamin-C – Is one of the most potent antioxidants to boost collagen synthesis. So it’s the perfect active ingredient, for the Medical Grade Formulation. The X3 Revilatilizing Stem-Cells Serum.
  • Lilac Stem Cells – Recognized by dermo-scientists to reactivate youthful genes, lessening inflammation, pore appearance, and combating free-radicals.

It’s the combination for a perfect genetic jump-start. It’s the right way to reprogram the youthfulness and radiance you are looking for.

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