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Flawless skin in 3 steps!

Flawless skin in 3 steps! Why 10 steps in a Skincare Routine is not trending anymore?

Not long ago, 10 steps in a skincare routine were the IT. But now, many consumers realized it was a way for the billion-dollar skincare industry to push more products.

Nothing wrong with those using ten steps. If that makes them feel flawless and deliver results, this is what really matters.

But what if we say that you can have the same effects, if not better, by following three only steps?

What if we say that instead of 30 minutes on a daily skincare routine, you can do that in 5 minutes? In results that visibly happen in 1 week?

If that looks like another promise… follow me on this today…

In the relentless search for the Fountain of Youth, women tried absolutely everything to maintain glowing, radiant skin for as long as possible.

From diamonds, gold in the formulations, to fruit puree as a face mask. This is how far women can go, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but things are changing.

Many industries are being disrupted. Think about, taxis (yellow cabs), with Ubers and Lifts. Hotels with Airbnb, Electric cars, 3D printing, Amazon, Youtube and so on…

In skincare, the overwhelmed steps are being transformed into simple steps.

Trending on Skincare in 2022

Simple steps don’t mean you are neglecting steps on a skincare routine. It means you’re efficient in achieving better results. Let’s see what’s trending now for 2022 in skincare.

1) Cleansing The Skin – It is one of the most critical steps in any skincare routine. If the cleansing step is not performed correctly, the upcoming steps won’t work.

The skin may be clogged and the actives and healthy ingredients the skin is supposed to penetrate into the skin, won’t happen. This step should occur at least once a day, but many experts would say twice. One in the morning, then another at night.

Especially when the hair is not washed before bedtime.

The pollution accumulated throughout the day, it’s transferred to the pillow, which goes to our skin. Think about it.

For no risk of mistakes, go to a gentle, natural cleanser, with chamomile and ginger in a Medical Grade Formulation. It cleans with antimicrobial, antiseptic properties that control the natural pH of the skin and unclog pores.

2) Treat The Skin – This is the step that after the preparation of the surface the skin is ready to receive the benefits of the products. In this case, we want the best for our skin.

Once the skin is prepared, we use cutting-edge actives and natural ingredients in a Medical Grade Formulation.

The purity levels and concentration of these kinds of products are able to reach the deep layers of the skin, nourishing youthful skin cells. The results are youthful skin cells flourishing healthy and beautiful.

This is the stage that it’s important to understand what is the priority. Could be anti-aging, acne treatment, brightening and so on. Let’s talk briefly about each one.

Removing signs of any dead skin cells, that make any skin look dull. We also want complete skin cell turnover with the best healthy, glowing, radiant skin possible, right?!

Then products like Retinol are the best ones to use as a Night treatment.

During the day, the proper treatment is to use plant stem-cells, especially the ones using Lilac Flowers extract, which promotes perfect protection against free-radicals.

Acne Treatment – The most important thing about acne treatment is the ability to address the pH of the skin, controlling the sebum production at the same time while removing dead skin cells efficiently.

Even though we know that internal factors, such as hormone peaks, are one of the most impactful reasons for Breakouts, the correct usage of skin care products impacts the results on the skin.

Actives such as Glycolic Acid are essential to use in these cases, to remove dead skin cells. Combined with Marine and Guarana Extracts supports immediate healing of the inflammation process of the skin.

Brightening Treatment – When people are looking for restore the natural skin brightness and treat dark spots, some actives and ingredients have to be harmoniously combined to deliver results.

We can’t stress enough that Cutting-Edge Actives and Natural Ingredients in a Medical Grade Formulation are the best we can give to our skin.

Lipochroman and Chromabright, unique as the most potent antioxidants available in the market, combined with Vitamin-C, promote miracles in our face.

As we age, the appearance of dark spots is typical, so it’s in our hands to prevent and treat as soon as we can, treating our skin with the best available on the market.

3) Moisturizing – This is the third and last step of an efficient Skincare Routine. This is very important as after the hydration on the treating process, while the skin is absorbing the actives and ingredients, to seal and keep the treatment acting as long as possible.

Moisturize means keep the skin hydrated for more time. And again Antioxidants to protect against oxidative cells – free-radicals – from pollution and sunlight are the things to bear in mind.

Prefer the ones with a combination of antioxidants and Marine Extract Peptides able to nourish and shield the skin. Lipochroman and Chromabright are indeed the main actives we are all looking for.

Simple Steps, Great Results On The Skin

Everything we include in between the steps above most probably is a way to someone or company trying to push some unnecessary products to you.

There must be questions like, what about clay masks, face masks, toners, exfoliants? No worries… It doesn’t mean we have to throw them away, just adapt our routine to still execute along the week. For example:

Exfoliants are essential, there’s no doubt, but we can make use of it, once a week in the cleansing step.

The same thing for toner, the day that we are using heavier makeup, or even the day we feel like treating our skin with extra cleansing due to exposure to more pollution or dust.

Clay masks and face masks, the day during the weekend, when feeling like staying home for more time, reading, catching up with social media… and so on…

Are you ready for 2022 trends? Try today the only skincare that makes UFlawless. The Next Generation in Medical Grade Skincare. Matching your skin with cutting-edge actives and natural ingredients.

See you later!

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