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Vitamin C to treat sunspots and other benefits

Why Vitamin-C is good to get rid of dark spots and other benefits for the skin.

Probably one of the most popular Vitamins we learn about, in our early school years. And there are reasons for that. One, it’s the vitamin that every doctor prescribes when our immune system is down. But there are many others, especially for our skin. Vitamin-C to get rid of dark spots and benefits for the skin.

Its versatility for overall health is fantastic, but for the skin, it became more popular when topical forms of Vitamin-C (in serums & moisturizers) became available.

In many studies around the world, there is one in particular, easy to understand. It’s the one written by Oregon State University. It’s a great and easy article to check the clear benefits of getting rid of Dark Spots.

Why is Vitamin-C indicated for Brightening or Lightening the Skin?

Vitamin-C is an antioxidant that supports inhibiting one enzyme called tyrosinase, which produces melanin. The lack of this enzyme delivered to the skin drives to dark spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation.

Melanin production is activated when in sun exposure. That’s why we all have to take care of sun exposure at the early ages of life. Otherwise, when we hot the forties and up, cells start to worn out, and the consequences are dark spots on the skin.

As an excellent antioxidant, it also delivers a photo-protective effect, helping the skin to be protected from the acute damage of sun exposure.

Can Vitamin-C Help to Get Rid Of Acne Brown Spots?

Yes, it can! For the same reasons of the excess of melanin production due to sun exposure, when acne is healing, and we sometimes feel tempted to squiz the acne, removing it, we may be bothering the wound to heal naturally. Then it’s common to see some dark spots on the skin, after that.

Vitamin-C definitely supports on removing acne brown spots.

But it all depends on the concentration, purity levels of Vitamin-C, and also the pH on your skin.

If skin’s natural barrier is compromised, no matter what we do, unfortunately, we’re just wasting time, money, and energy.

That’s why going on topical Vitamin-C for the skin, will depend on how much care do you take on your skin.

So it’s always recommended to use a balanced skincare routine, addressing a good “environment” for the skin – called skin biome to be as good as possible. Clean, free for the ingredients to act, and deliver the natural glow your skin was made for.

Should I Take Oral or On The Skin Vitamin-C? Which one is Better?

We can take both oral and topical vitamin-c. We will get great benefits from it.

Once taken orally, the immune system will get benefits primarily.
But when applied on the skin, depending on the concentration levels, it can be absorbed by the skin, reaching deep layers of the skin, where collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are produced.

So, it won’t hurt getting both. As long as getting the right amount on a daily basis.
Otherwise, the excess of it, (more than 1,000 mg/day) may cause side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and headaches to mention some.

Is Vitamin-C good for Wrinkles?

According to reputable research from Aesthetic Surgery Journal – Vitamin-C is the only antioxidant that proved to boost collagen production. Especially the L-Ascorbic form (one of three different types of vitamin-c).

What happens is that to synthesize collagen, vitamin-C plays an essential role. And since vitamin-C was discovered to support collagen production, the number of products claiming to have Vitamin-C in the formulation increased by hundreds.

But it was not all products available in the market were able to prove that vitamin-C is good for the skin. That’s why there’s a lot of controversy behind these beliefs.

But one thing is for sure. Purity levels, the concentration of vitamin-c it really impacted the appearance and texture of the skin. Delivering more firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Vitamin-C to get rid of dark spots and the benefits for the skin are endless!

Other benefits of Vitamin-C For The Skin

This is how vitamin-C became so popular in current years. It is suitable for many reasons, and indeed, one of them is the ability to enhance skin cell turnover.

It also prevents UV rays immunosuppression. In other words, a reaction that has been implicated in both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers.

Where I can Find Good Sources of Vitamin-C For The Skin

One is in the X3 Revitalizing Stem-Cells Serum, indicated for those with susceptible skin, but want to use a safe way to get rid of dark spots.

Indicated for those with very sensitive skin, but want to use a safe way to get rid of dark spots.

It’s loaded with 4% Medical-Grade Vitamin-C – Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate – a form of Vitamin-C, which is very easily absorbed by the skin, less irritant, promoting firmer skin in shorter time, compared to L-Ascorbic Acid.

Organic Lilac Stem Stem-Cells and Marine Peptides, are also part of this high-performance serum.

That will address not only removing dark spots but also boosting collagen, meaning lessening fine lines and wrinkles.

For those who can tolerate high concentrations of Vitamin-C, the right product for you is the X9 Ultimate Brightening Moisturizer — made with 20% Medical-Grade Vitamin-C, which is a very potent and safe way to wash off stubborn dark spots from the skin.

We usually suggest our dear customers associate this moisturizer with the other 2 previous steps.
The X9 Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser, and the X9 Brightening Treatment Serum.

Both very complementary to those looking for a Hydroquinone-Free Brightening Skincare Routine.

In the first step, using the cleanser, it’s possible to clean up the pores deeply, thanks to a 2% Salicylic acid in the formula. On the other hand, pure coconut oil, with antimicrobial and moisturizing properties, avoid the skin to get dry out.

The Second step ensures the skin biome – the healthy “environment” of the skin is in the right pH balance and in healthy conditions to get the best from the medical-grade acids on step 1 and step 3.

The combination of all these ingredients ensures to our dear customers the best, effective, and safest hydroquinone-free brightening treatment for the skin.

It will be easy to understand why our customers are happy addressing melasma, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation while boosting collagen production to enjoy bright, firm, and elastic skin.

Looks like very clear… Vitamin-C is a great ally to get rid of dark spots and many other healthy benefits!

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