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The 3 Essentials to Look 3 Years Younger

The 3 Essentials to Look 10 Years Younger

Many of us were raised to believe that it takes a long way to look younger, feel energetic, and enjoy life! Even though this is right to a certain point, it’s more simple than we can imagine. Here are the 3 essentials to look 10 years younger!

It’s a combination of these 3 essentials:

Dedicate some time – every day – to your Body, Mind, & Soul!

And here’s the catch…


Take care of your Body, Mind & Soul to look 10 years younger!

First things first, when it comes to the body, that means everything physical, related to your muscle, bones, junctions, as wells as the fuel to all of that, and last but not least, the delivery mechanism to deliver all the nutrients to the entire body.

We’re the most sophisticated machine ever created! Let this sink in for a minute.

Have you ever thought about how perfectly this system, called the body, works so perfectly?

We breathe, eat, drink, sleep. We move, run, think, love. Just to name a few.

When we do all of these things, we’re just doing what our bodies are supposed to do.

The more we put ourselves under these 3 essentials, the outcome is certain. 

Looking 10 years younger. Full of bliss, joy, and happiness!

3 healthy habits for healthy skin

How to take care of the Body to look 10 years younger?

When it comes to the body, there are 3 things to keep in mind.

  • Move your body – The body was made to move, to explore the boundaries of life, like our ancestors, to go out there and hunt… 

In modern days, it could be translated to working out.

A 30 min walk, for 5 days a week can give you as many benefits as someone who is training for several years and running a marathon.

By the way, many marathoners, say that they started like everybody else, completing a 5K run.

There’s no such a thing as tomorrow I’ll start, next Monday, After thanksgiving… the time is now!

If you can’t walk for 30 min, start with 10…

Naturally, your body is going to ask for 20 min, then 30, and so on… guaranteed!

The body was made to move!! Otherwise, we would be trees! 

  • Eat clean – A healthy body, needs high-quality “fuel” to nourish all the parts, perfectly and harmoniously.

According to the World Health Organization, 80% percent of all cases of heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes could be prevented.

Just eating healthy, being more active, and stopping tobacco smoke!

We are more productive, we can enjoy more energy levels.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Eat clean, means to eat as natural as possible, free of pesticides, GMO-Free, Hormone-Free.

Fruits and vegetables, nuts, greens, roots, grains, whole grains… fish, if you’re not vegetarian, milk, cheese, if you’re not vegan. 

Here’s a list of delicious smoothies of what you can do with fruits and veggies. Click here!

  • Drinking Plenty of Water – 8-12 glasses of water should be the target. Everybody is unique, so these numbers can vary.

Just think that our bodies are made of roughly 60-70% of water, so to keep the body hydrated, plumped skin, healthy distribution of nutrients to all the organs, and last, but not least, eliminating toxins from the body.

Take care of your skin with a Proper Skincare Routine

The same way we have to nourish our body, we have to nourish our skin.

The best way to do that is counting on Mother Nature one more time!! 

Natural ingredients on the skin, ensure enough minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, so the skin can flourish!

UFlawless – Advanced Medical-Grade Skincare, delivers 99.9% purity levels on active ingredients.

Here’s why Purity levels in skincare matter…

Youthful skin cells are made of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are naturally produced by the body.

These youthful skin cells are produced in the deep layers of the skin, so that makes it essential that nutrients reach these deep layers.

When properly nourished, it takes 7-14 days, for a so wanted youthful look to flourishes to the surface.

That’s the reason why UFlawless Skincare products deliver results faster than any other popular brand.

It’s all about purity levels!

One of the best ways to see the results is using this 3-Step routine.

You can choose a 2-week regime or a 4+week routine as below.

Pure ingredients deliver quick and visible results
Pure Ingredients is king!
  • The Body needs good sleep – Everybody has a different biological clock. That means that there are people that in 4 hours of sleep feel complete, others 10…

One thing to take into consideration is your eating habits at night time.

If you have cravings end of the day, which leads you to have heavy meals, you may need to review your options… That’s another chapter…

We should eat light at night… Why?

Have you ever felt sluggish early in the morning even when you go to bed early after having a full 8-hour sleep?

It could be your body that was “working” hard to digest all the food you ate at night, while you were “sleeping”.

You may be sleeping, but you were not resting, recharging, recovering, replenishing… that’s why.  

How to take care of the Mind to look 10 years younger?

All the activities that we engage in are related to activities that stimulate the mind. 

Especially the activities that make us feel good, such as working on a fulfilling project, reading, studying.

In general, activities that make you think, find a solution, think in different possibilities.

Let’s see details of how we can take advantage of the mind.

  • Working on fulfilling projects – When we engage on projects that have a meaningful purpose, we’re naturally thinking about performing our best.

When we perform our best, the chances of the desired outcome are higher. It may happen effortlessly, even though for many people could look like a struggling activity.

  • Reading a good book – Every time we read a book, we use our mind. Either when it’s a technical book, which makes you think, or a fiction book, which will trigger your imagination.

There are many healthy reasons to keep your mind sharp, one of them is that reading jolts our minds into action.

It also keeps you focused on the activity itself keeping your memory skills stronger.

  • Learning a new skill – This is something very interesting once we hear the saying that life starts at the end of your comfort zone… That means that the brain picks up all the knowledge, creating new neuro-pathways, improving our learning speed process.

It is another great way to wideout the accumulated stress from a certain period. The attention goes far from immediate concerns, helping to process new information, making you a more interesting person! 

  • Relaxing – It’s not all about activity, it’s also about non-doing. Not engaging in activities is a good thing. It’s like flushing the system from the toxins of the day.

Meditation is one of the greatest things we can do to wideout the turbulences of the day, making room for more pleasant activities to entertain our lives.

  • Getting Social – Meeting with friends and connecting with others stimulates our mind with a happy feeling, improving our well-being.

Harvard studies revealed that having friends and connecting with them proved to us that we can live happier and longer. Improving our health conditions by 50%.

How to take care of the Soul to look 10 years younger?

It’s not about religion, it’s about connecting with a superior force. 

Whatever your beliefs are, there’s something that commands everything around us.

There’s nothing more abundant than the Universe.

Everything we know and we don’t know yet, rests in the universe, waiting to be “used” or accessed.

This is powerful and requires a lot of dedication and seriousness.

Here are some ways to access your Soul.

  • Meditating – A powerful method to connect your body, mind, and soul with the Universe.

We can see things more clearly when we meditate.

The best example we have is to compare our minds with a glass full of muddy water from a river.

When you put this glass of water to rest on a table, after a while all the sediments will be on the bottom and the water will be clear and transparent.

In this case, our thoughts are represented by the sediments of muddy water that through meditation, calm down making us think and see more clearly.

  • Helping others – Our essential nature is to be an altruist. That means that naturally, we tend to help others.

We feel good when we help others. Think about the last time someone asked for help, or when you figured out that someone needed help and you were there, without the person even asking.

How did that make you feel?

According to studies, people 55+ years old, who agreed to be part of a healthy program in the Cleveland Clinic, not only lived longer but also looked younger, and lively.

  • Appreciating Life – Gratitude is one of the best ways to show appreciation for life! It’s the same thing as telling the Universe I want more of this! 

Guess what happens when you show appreciation for life?

More of these good things that lead to good feelings happens to you!

What puts you closer to your best self?

Maybe it’s telling your kids or grandkids a good story. For others could be walking in nature, or yoga at the beach.

Whatever makes you feel amazing, treasure it, and bring back the same feeling whenever you feel you need it.

You don’t need to be religious to take care of your soul… just be authentic, true to yourself with no judgment.

Do you have any insights? Have you ever tried to look at these essentials to look 10 years younger? Share your story. It will be awesome to have some stories from you guys…

One thing is for sure, getting the most out of life is much more than having amazing healthy skin, so imagine the positive impacts that these 3 essentials can do for…

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