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This spring reveal fresh youthful skin

This Spring, build up healthy skin…

Welcome to spring, the season of new beginnings and time to build up healthy skin for a beautiful Summer!

Spring is also a good time for growth, spiritually, personally, and why not physically.

For most Americans, winter brings a lot of anxiety, as the temperatures get low, making most of the people stay at home, calorie intake may go to the roof, and outdoor activities slow down.

It’s a hibernation period for many, however, it’s time for bringing some fresh air, new vibes, and new perspective.

Last spring was very hard, as the world was in complete lockdown due to COVID-19, and now with more than 120 thousand people vaccinated so far, the United States is way ahead of many other countries, however far away to be considered safe to be all and about outside.

How this has to be with your skin?

Well, if you’re just like most Americans, you’re looking forward to being out there enjoying life, with flawless skin!

So to help you to get out of hibernation mode, let’s see the most important things to build up your skin, this spring.

This Spring, build up your skin with Sunscreen

Sunscreen was, is, and forever will be the most important thing the skin needs to be healthy, and flawless.

The sun leads the scorecard as the premature aging factor.

And this is because our body in general tends to protect itself from UV rays, darkening the skin, aka tan.

The downside is that when this happens time after time, or season, after season, the exposure to UV light reaches the inner skin layers, damaging the skin’s structure.

The most common signs of damaged skin from excessive sun exposure or non-protected skin are sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Sunscreen protects the skin from photo-damage, and as spring is just saying Hello America, it’s more than time for protection

10 in 10 dermatologists around the world will mention or ask if you’re taking care of your skin, and it’s not about the skincare routine, it’s about sunscreen.

We should pay attention to using an SPF (Solar Protection Factor) of at least 30.

Blocking at least UVA and UVB rays from damaging the skin.

UVA protection means your skin is protected against Aging, while UVB means it’s protected against Burning.

In fact, broad-spectrum is a term used to say that sunscreen has both protection factors.

However, a more recent term is in evidence lately which is HEV or Blue-Light.

HEV or High Evergy Visible light is another villain for the skin.

It’s all the light emitted from screens. TV screens, computer screens, cell phone screens, tablets, and so on.

So it’s fair to mention that nowadays broad spectrum means that your sunscreen must have protection against UVA, UVB, and HEV light.

Not to be so dramatic here, but it’s important to mention that HEV light is as harmful as UVA and UVB, as the rays can reach the deepest layers of the skin.

That means that youthful skin cells, made of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, naturally produced in these deepest layers are compromised.

So this spring, build up your skin with sunscreen!

Build up healthy skin this spring with exfoliation

Here’s the thing, spring is the season of blossom. The same, we could say about our skin…

The body awakens from hibernation mode, activating all the systems in the body. All the senses are waking up, and the same happens with the skin.

There are some pretty good things about exfoliating the skin, especially during spring.

Let’s start with the fact that during winter the chances of the skin becoming dry and flaky is something to put into consideration.

Flakes are dead skin cells that may clog pores, leading to breakouts, and dull skin.

Exfoliation removes all the dead skin cells, revealing a fresh youthful look almost immediately if you’re using a proper exfoliant.

Different from many who may think that exfoliation is only for oily skin, it’s one of the best things you can do for dry skin as well.

Important to mention, that sensitive skin, must be careful using exfoliants.

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine

When exfoliating with Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid, pay attention to the pH level (acidity or alkalinity) of the acid.

Let’s use an example:

Glycolic Acid at low pH means better efficiency, as using a conventional Glycolic Acid…

In other words, your skin needs less active acid, to get the results you expect, without the side-effects of using acids.

The mega downsize of this is that if you use the 60% Glycolic Acid, the chances of getting burned out are pretty high!

That’s why UFlawless came up with a Medical-Grade formula, containing 10% Glycolic Acid at low pH (3.5). 

Matched with other botanical ingredients, such as Marine Peptides, Kola, Mate & Guarana, to remove dead skin cells, without irritation.

It’s 60% more efficient than OTC Glycolic Acid.

Another great ingredient for a chemical peel is Salicylic Acid. Also at low pH, will unglue stubborn dead skin cells, from the skin, as well as removing oil, debris, and gunk.

Try UFlawless X9 Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser, with extra virgin coconut oil, to deep cleanse without drying out the skin.

This 2% Medical-Grade formula, can be used daily.

Upgrade your makeup tools for flawless skin

Brushes, powder, make-up cases, should be upgraded every 6 months!

Have you ever heard from your dentist to change your toothbrush every 6 months? This is the same situation for the makeup brushes.

Through time, they host a variety of bacterias, from dead skin cells, accumulated in their filaments.

And we know that dead skin cells on the skin lead to breakouts and other skin issues.

The best way for an upgrade is to get new ones, however, if you need to stretch the budget, a good wash with a good cleanser once a week will do it just fine!

People have no idea that even pillow sheets are the ones to blame for breakout.

Want a good reason for removing makeup before going to sleep? Here’s one, every night millions of dead skin cells, accumulate bacteria and viruses. If you want more details click here.

Your hair is responsible for bringing a lot of dust from the street, pollution, and other things.

In touch with your pillow at night, a lot of that gunk goes straight to your face…

So we can never stress enough that for healthy skin, it takes more than just cleansing, treating, and moisturizing…

It takes healthy habits!

As the new season is here, build up healthy skin this spring!

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