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Sarah didn't know the difference between cleansing and exfoliating

The story of Sarah: She didn’t understand the difference between cleansing vs. exfoliating and wasted a lot of money

Sarah is in her mid 40’s and loves to take selfies! She spent almost 35 years without knowing the difference between cleansing and exfoliating.

The result after learning this subtle difference made her enjoy more her natural beauty, as well as saving more money!

This is very common to find in more than 70% of American Women, who don’t know that there’s a slight difference. And this can make you achieve your skincare goals.

dead skin cells make your skin dull
Dead skin cells make your appearance dull

Let’s understand the difference between cleansing and exfoliating.

It’s the first step of any skincare routine and as such, the most important.

  • Cleansing is the step that you remove all the gunk from pollution, sebum, bacteria, and other particles build up during the day.
  • Exfoliating, on the other hand, is very similar to cleansing, as you’re still removing all the gunk buildup during the day, however, you’re also removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.

There’s a nice way to put out how important cleansing is in your skincare routine:

There’s no such thing as spending lots of money on sophisticated serums. If you’re not cleansing your face before the serum you putting money down the drain!

Understanding the difference between cleansing vs. exfoliating can make a lot of difference for you too!

Using serums, or creams, without cleansing your skin, is the same thing as drinking pure water from a dirty glass.

Cleansing will make you get the most out of your skincare products

The skin can’t absorb all the nutrients that come in serums and creams if the skin is not 100% clean.

When Sarah was feeling that the skincare products were not working, she thought she was in another skincare scam…

She had tried all kinds of products.

From cheap to ultra-expensive, from OTC to Medical-Grade, she could see some results but Sarah wasn’t getting the most out of her investment.

Sarah was getting so frustrated that she surrendered and ended up losing her motivation to post on social media for a while. 

In reality, just a couple of tweaks, and her skin was on a different level.

The turning point for Sarah was cleansing every day and exfoliating 3x a week.

She quickly decided to consult a dermatologist, who checked on her skin and said she has oily skin.

More information as well could be found in the American Society of Dermatology.

No wonder that she used to breakout every other week. 

As Sarah was not cleansing properly, not even exfoliating, all the gunk and dead skin cells were clogging the pores, leading her skin to breakout.

Worth mentioning that dull skin is also the result of a lack of removing dead skin cells from the surface.

Dead skin cells are a very common thing that buildup on the skin through time.

That means it’s not the end of the world.

As we said previously, more than 70% of women don’t know any better about the difference between cleansing and exfoliating.

Here’s how dead skin cells look like.

How to remove dead skin cells safely?

Exfoliating is the best response to remove dead skin cells. To make it safe, you should do as Sarah did.

As she has oily skin, her dermatologist recommended starting once a week, so the skin can get used to the exfoliation process.

Exfoliation for many could be a trap for those with sensitive skin since dead skin cells could work as a protective barrier for the skin. Sounds odd, right?!

If removing more than necessary, that could bring more issues such as more oily skin as the oil work as a skin barrier as well.

She said it was a great start, as she was getting used to the amount of product, the pressure on the skin, and also the time of the product sitting on her face.

What products did Sarah use for cleansing the skin, and what is so critical to cleanse, without drying out the skin?

Everybody needs to start from somewhere, and after Sarah found out the difference between cleansing vs. exfoliating, she was ready for shopping.

Sarah used the X3 Chamomile Balancing Cleanser. A prize-winner cleanser to cleanse without drying out your skin.

The reason why this cleanser is so impressive it’s because of the 99.9% purity levels on its actives. Such as Chamomile and Ginger essential oils, combines with Brown Algae Extract.

This well-thought combination delivers deep cleansing, once Hydrolyzed Algin – from Marine Algae – is 40x smaller than the pores, ensuring total cleanse, while Chamomile & Ginger essential oils, provide smoother texture.

Another proof that this cleanser is the bomb, is that you can apply it on your face and let it sit for 15-30 min, using it as a hydration face mask, with total confidence.

Of course, you can find more cost-effective cleansers in the market, but if you have sensitive skin, you’ll understand why this cleanser holds proudly prize-winner records.


What are the best products to exfoliate oily skin?

As said previously, there are several ways to exfoliate the skin.

  • Chemical Exfoliation – It happens when you use actives that remove dead skin cells by sticking to dead skin cells, ungluing from the surface of the skin. The most common chemical exfoliants are salicylic acid and glycolic acid.
  • Physical Exfoliation – This is the kind of exfoliation that sweeps away dead skin cells through granules of ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, beads, pumice crystals.

One of the best ways to see how your skin can benefit from exfoliation is to try both and see how your skin responds to each one of them.

For oily skin, Salicylic Acid proved to be very effective. The X9 Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser is perfect for those with oily skin.

The Medical-Grade Salicylic Acid in this formula guarantees maximum penetration in the stubborn dead skin cells, revealing youthful glowing skin.

X9 Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser

What results can you expect from exfoliating your skin properly?

There are several good results coming from exfoliating your skin properly. One of them is youthful glowing skin.

Also, unclog pores, which prevents acne

Better absorption of nutrients on upcoming steps in your skincare routine, ensuring maximum benefit from your investment.

Evens skin tone as exfoliation helps to safely layer off the skin, washing stubborn age spots.

Stimulates collagen production, since youthful skin cells are being stimulated to come up to the surface more often, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid have to be naturally produced by the skin to form a new, fresh layer of skin.

Once you become a master in understanding the difference between cleansing vs. exfoliating you’ll enjoy healthy looking skin everytime you look in the mirror and getting the most out of your skincare routine!


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